A Dan Lepard Sour Cream Bread Loaf

Bread loaf 1

Was baking this loaf last night and it got me so excited ^^ My baking and cooking buddy, Grace, has done a few Dan Lepard’s recipes before and this is my first. I decided on this recipe cos I wanted to clear my sour cream and the reviews I got for this popular British loaf are all raving compliments. Read “A beautiful loaf that makes cracking toast”, “high-risen loaf with a beautiful soft, tender crumb and a crisp, golden crust”, “This is REALLY good bread — it doesn’t even need butter”. Wouldn’t all these make you rush to bake one now? (^^)

Bread loaf 3

I first read about this loaf in Breadbasketcase blog, which led me to where she got the recipe from, The Guardian. This is an interesting recipe, with err…. very minimum kneading. Just mix and knead for 10 seconds, then rest for 10 minutes, repeat for 2 more cycles and then off for first proofing. So I cannot claim that I have worked my flabby arms off from the kneading (=^^=)  Might be the combination of sour cream, cold and hot water that set a good environment for the yeast, or could be due to the relatively large amount of yeast used, the dough rose beautifully! For my second proofing, I did not need 90 minutes, 60 minutes was more than enough (^-^)


Bread loaf 2


Kindly click on the link for the recipe in The Guardian

DP 1









After all the ingredients are mixed, form a rough ball and you can start all the kneading-resting-kneading-resting-kneading-resting. The above is after the first proofing.

DP 2









Roll up the dough, place in the tin and leave for the second proofing.

DP 3









After a mere 25 minutes, see how much my dough has risen!

DP 4









After 60 minutes, I decided that it was more than good enough to send it into the oven to bake.

DP 5









Ta-da. My loaf is ready! Hahaha… A tall loaf! Pardon the weird lighting. It was very late at night but I couldn’t resist taking photos straight away with the lighting in the hall.

The aroma was heavenly and it was making me so hungry but I had to resist! (#^^#) Could not control my excitement though and hence once waited for the loaf to cool down, I started snapping photos away despite the poor lighting.

Had some slices for breakfast this morning, and indeed this bread is tasty!

Bread loaf 4



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