Air-fried Crab Sticks

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Been busy with the CNY bakes, especially on Friday when I ambitiously wanted to churn out 7 items but managed only 4 on that day (#-#) Concussed after the whole thing and stopped at around 4pm as the 2 younger kiddos were back from school and I got to go fetch the eldest soon. After baking the kueh bangkit the night before, with much grouses on how challenging it was to do them, I decided to go easy on myself and so decided on a simple item on the next bake.

Not exactly a “bake” though (^-^) However, these crab sticks have been a must-have item for CNY for the past few years. It is easy to prepare and I chose air-frying which is a healthier option. I did the original flavor this year and also the black pepper flavor which I first experimented last year and found it nice. However, this year batch looks so much darker than last year’s though I followed exactly the process. Might be due to the different brands of crab sticks used. Last year I used Haton and this year, I used Okaido Premium.

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  • Last year’s batch. Black Pepper flvour
  • Last year’s batch. Original Flavour


Can’t really called it a recipe though, cos it is really simple (=^^=)

1) Remove the plastic wrappers from the crab sticks. Pat dry the sticks. Open the layers of the sticks carefully and shred to desired widths. Place the shreds on kitchen paper and further pat dry the sticks.

2) For black pepper flavor, you can add in dashes of the pepper at this stage and mix well with the crab sticks. Wanted to try wasabi flavor too but didn’t have the chance to buy the powder (Phoon Huat sells the powder). Other friends in the FB group has tried flavors like curry and they look yummy!

3) Air fry the sticks at preheated air fryer at 160 degC for 15min. Stir the sticks carefully and gently every 3-4min. I prefer to “turn the sticks” instead of stirring them as it will cause the sticks to be curly. At the end of 15min, there might still be a few pieces not crispy, especially the “white” parts. I returned these to the air fryer and further fried them for another 2-3 minutes.

4) Lay the sticks on a baking sheet to cool down. Once cooled, store them in an air-tight container to preserve the crispiness.


A few gentle pointers to share ……..

1) Some friends who did these crab sticks are asking for advices as their crab sticks are either not crispy or would turn soft by the next day or two. I think perhaps we can try to dry the crab sticks well before air-frying, the drier the better (^-^) Or you may want to do less sticks each time you fry, so that the circulation is better.

2) These snacks are so addictive and a big packet can make only 1.5 small bottles. So you might want to get more crab sticks to do this!

3) Other friends have tried baking instead of frying. You may want to try this method too especially for those who do not own an air fryer (^-^)

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      Same here! Shar, please go do some of your signature Thai flavours with this! I’m sure you can come up with something awesome ^^

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