Braised Pork Belly (Lor Bak)

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A sinful yet irresistible dish (^-^) I used to shun pork belly or any fatty meats but very contradicting, as I grew older (can I don’t use the work “age”?), I began to accept this meat and once a while would indulge in dishes like 卤肉,梅菜扣肉,扣肉包,东坡肉 (#^^#) I used to prepare this dish using my “aggaration”, trying to replicate my mum’s Lor Bak with Lor Neng (braised pork with hard boiled eggs), always thinking that it was a typical Teochew dish. It was only later that I was exposed to the different versions prepared by the different dialect groups and the Taiwanese 滷肉饭. All so yummy!

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I have tried out a few good recipes shared by friends. I like Alan’s (@ travelling-foodies) recipe which I am adapting here again and if I would like to go for a more fuss-free recipe, I would use Vanessa’s (hahaha…. yah, same name, same surname and even same birth year!) Kong Bah Bao recipe. I will be making kong bah bao soon again and would then share Van’s recipe, ok?

I love adding hard-boiled eggs and tau kwa (beancurd) to the dish. The last time I did this, I added Tau Kee (beancurd skin) too!

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Adapted from travelling foodies “滷肉飯 Lor Bak Png – Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl

*My modifications in italics.

@Alan, please don’t call me names for posting your recipe yah (^-^) RAWR ….
(hahaha… sorry. It’s a “joke” in the blogger circle.)

滷肉飯 Lor Bak Png – Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice Bowl Recipe

Meat Ingredients
1 kg of good pork belly, cut into 1/2 cm thick strips (do not use anything less than 1 kg as it would not be flavourful enough)
300g pig’s skin, either cut into large 5 cm long pieces or into small pieces the same size as pork belly strips *I have omitted this. Sorry, still can’t bring myself to eat this.
3 tbsp of fried shallots crisp (油葱酥)
1 cinnamon stick
1 star anise
1-2 tbsp five spice powder
2 tsp ground pepper
3-4 tbsp of good dark soya sauce (depending on the saltiness and colour intensity of the soya sauce used)
50g rock sugar
6-8 hard-boiled eggs *I used 8.
salt to taste
2 tbsp cooking oil (preferably oil from frying shallots)
water as required

a few sprigs of coriander leaves(芫荽)
a few slices of pickled daikon/white radish, Takuan (沢庵) aka 日式腌白萝卜 *I omitted this too as I wasn’t doing the rice bowl but as a side dish on its own.
steamed white rice

Add cooking oil to a wok over medium-high heat followed by pork belly strips and stir-fry until they turn opaque and fully cooked and  the fat from the pork belly to render.
Add pig’s skin. It is obtainable cheaply and easily from the butcher’s, so do not skip this! Stir-fry with pork belly until the skin pieces firm up, shrink slightly and become slightly translucent.
Add dark soya sauce,star anise, five spice powder, cinnamon stick, ground pepper and stir fry with pork strips until evenly coated. DO NOT ADD ANY WATER AT THIS POINT. Continue to stir-fry for a min or so until the aroma of soya beans becomes apparent.
Add sufficient water to cover all the meat by an inch or so and bring to a boil. Add salt, rock sugar, hard boiled eggs, 2 tbsp of fried shallot crisp. Return to a boil before lowering to medium-low heat.
Simmer for 40 min with lid on.
After 40 min, check the flavours of the sauce and the texture of the meat. Adjust with more seasoning if necessary. Add the remaining tbsp of fried shallots.
Continue to simmer until soft for another 20-30 min or so.
While it can be served now, it is best to wait for a couple of hours, preferably overnight for the flavours to thoroughly steep and infuse into the meat and eggs. *We have never waited for overnight as we always finished the whole pot at one dinner seating.
Reheat first before serving. In Taiwan, the pot is constantly simmering under very low heat.
Serve  over piping hot steamed white rice garnished with slices of pickled daikon, halved braised hard boiled eggs (滷蛋) and coriander leaves.

My younger girl and my youngest boy love this dish a lot and would always ask for second helping.

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