Bunny Cookies & Cream Chocolate Birthday Cake

Bunny Cake

SIL placed some orders with me for My Melody macarons and at the same time, she asked if I could do a small cake for Valerie’s birthday. I agreed immediately! Valerie is her girl who was turning 18! How times flies! When I first met the girl during courtship, she was just a toddler! And now she has grown into a young lady ^^

SIL said that Val loves Oreo and she asked if I could do a bunny cake to surprise her girl. I understand why. Val has recently lost her pet rabbit (_ _)

Bunny Cake 3

Here’s the cake I came up. A 6-inch chocolate sponge cake with Oreo Cookies & Cream Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Wanted to do basket weaving for the side frosting, so that it would look like the bunny in a basket ^^ However, when I came across the cappuccino flavoured wafer sticks at the supermarket, I decided to line the cake with them instead.

Started doing the bunny figurine a few days in advance so that it could dry up and harden in time. Was trying my best to be as detailed as possible. SIL was amazed when she saw that the bunny has teeth, tongue, etc (#^^#) My kids and hubby love the bunny figurine while I thought I could still improve on it. For now (or rather, then), I hope my cake would delight my niece.

Bunny Cake 2

Bunny Cake 5

And sure it did (^-^) Val called me after her mum and dad brought home the surprise. She thanked me and said that she really loved it. Was so happy to hear that!

Bunny Cake 4

Wishing you all the best for your coming exams, Val. We have the complete confidence in you!


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