Calpis Bread Loaf カルピスパン

Calpis 1Did this Calpis Bread Loaf last December after seeing Hippomama’s post. I was so intrigued and inspired by this bread loaf, did not think that my favourite drink during my study days in Japan could be used in baking a bread (^^) Though I have baked a Coke bread loaf before, but I would still very much like to try this recipe.

I was glad that it was a success! The loaf was soft and fluffy. My family had the bread with their favourite spread and for me? I can always have the bread plain if it is a good one! What’s also great about this recipe is that it is a direct dough method. Good for me when I do not have the time to plan my baking schedule to prepare any starter dough.

Please hop over to Hippomama’s blog here. 可尔比思土司 Calpis Loaf She has the recipe in both English and Chinese (^-^)
I love her blog and her friendly humour in her writings.

Thanks for sharing the recipe. It has led to my Melon Soda Bread Loaf, which I will post next (^-^)

Calpis 2

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