Chantilly Cream Checkered Cake

Checkered Cake 6

Presenting my 4Cs, Chantilly Cream Checkered Cake ^^ Remember in my previous post on my Strawberry Shortcake, I have mentioned that I have found a sponge cake recipe which seemed to work the best for me but I would still like to improve on it? So here I am again, baking another cake (^-^)

Checkered Cake 2

Did the cake on Saturday morning. When my family saw me busy in the kitchen, they asked if it was someone’s birthday or for someone’s order? I told them no.  “There’s no need for a reason to enjoy cakes.” I told them. They might not understand my earnest in improving my baking.  So for this experiment, there were a few “objectives”. I wanted to add more syrup this time and see if that would really make a difference. Then I also wanted to try dividing the batter and bake the cakes separately, to see if leaving the batter aside will affect the results. Then I also wanted to try adding colouring, again to test if for this recipe, that would affect the texture and the mixing of the batter. Lastly, I was thinking, perhaps, I could try my hands on doing a checkered cake, well, since I was going to divide the batter, going to bake coloured cakes. That would be a good chance for me to try it out!

Checkered Cake 3

Ok, a checkered cake it shall be but what about the deco and the frosting? Hmm… shall make Chantilly Cream again since after trying my strawberry shortcake, not just my girls love the cream, my nieces and my boy to, fell in love with the fresh cream! As I was doing the cake assembly, I just went along with the deco. “A simple one will do.” I told myself. I tinted the cream a pastel pink and decided to top with hundreds and thousands to add some “sparkle” to the cake. The girls came back from their swimming lesson and saw the cake. Their jaws dropped and kept asking again, “Who is this cake for?” And my 3-yr-old boy started singing “Happy Birthday” song (^-^)

Checkered Cake 1

Was very pleased with the cake! This time round, my sis gave her thumb-up and said, “Yes! This is it!” So happy! The whole cake was almost gone at one sitting. Everyone enjoyed it! I am so thankful for the learning experience. Will continue to improve on my baking and create better bakes for everyone (^-^) Ganbarimasu!

Checkered Cake 5Checkered Cake 4

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