Christmas Fruit Cake

Fruit cake 1

I really thought my bottle of mixed cherries soaked in rum since LAST November would again go untouched for this Christmas. Christmas came and went, and still the bottle was sitting in my cupboard. It was only until I saw Alan’s post on his beautiful fruit cakes and I got inspired and motivated. His fruit cakes were simply so gorgeous looking. See for yourself here! And when I read that he has soaked his fruits also for a year, I was grinning (*v*) I found a “partner-in-crime”, though his was due to professional intent, whereas mine was sheer procrastination (#-#)

Many great recipes I have came across required the cakes to be brushed with rum or Cointreau for a week or more, errr …. since mine was a last-minute impromptu bake, I didn’t. I gave myself the excuse that since my cherries were already soaked for 13 months, it should be even more “potent” and *hick* *hick*, “mabok-licious” and so need not add anymore booze (^o^)  And so timely, Lai Ying’s (another fellow member from Culinary Kitchenette and a great baker and cook!) post came along.

Indeed, the cakes turned out very nice and moist. I used to dislike Christmas fruit cakes as they were overly-sweet  for me, so I reduced the amount of sugar used from the original recipe and oola! J.U.S.T N.I.C.E! Even after dusting with snow powder and with the cherries and almond toppings, the cakes were not saccharine sweet. Just the kind of sweetness level I like (^-^) I love the tinge of cinnamon and nutmeg flavor in the cake too! Hmm …. maybe I should not wait for next Christmas to bake some more fruit cakes? Afterall, the bottle of rum is still waiting for me to finish it up too (^-^)

Fruit Cake 3


Largely adopted from Lai Ying’s blog LY’s Kitchen Ventures. Please visit her blog for the recipe. It’s an excellent blog to be missed!

* I reduced the sugar amount to 175g and used muscovado sugar.

* My cherries were soaked in rum since last November. And I did not further brush the baked cakes with rum. All 3 cakes were finished up within 3 days.

* I decorated my cakes with cherries (cut into halves) and whole toasted almonds, and dusted with snow powder.

P.S.: We actually ended up finishing the 3 cakes all by ourselves, instead of gifting family and friends (#^^#) Okie! The cakes have passed and aced the taste test, so I am now confident of presenting this to family, friends and for orders.

Fruit cake 2


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