Circus Themed 3-Tier Rainbow Cake

Circus Cake 1

This has to be the “tallest order” I have so far. A 3-tier cake! Though only the bottommost tier was a real edible cake and the other two were made of dummy cake styrofoams, it was still a challenge. However, that aside, it was fun doing the cake. Enjoyed myself tremendously crafting the animal figurines and putting everything together.

The cake was requested by hubby’s colleague for her son’s first birthday. Again, as always, the occasion was already a joyous cause and it made me happy to be part of it by contributing the cake. Sze Tein asked for a rainbow cake with dark chocolate ganache. I turned to my favourite recipe, Nigella’s Buttermilk Birthday Cake. Love this recipe as the cake would be soft and moist, yet able to hold weight well, even for fondant and multi-tier layers.

Circus Cake 4

Again, ordered my supplies from United Bakery Supplies for the fondant, Belgium couverture chocolate and such. Ordered also 40 blocks of butter! No, no. Not all for this cake!

Did the figurines a few days in advance to allow them to dry and firm up. The rainbow cake was baked the day before and frosted with dark chocolate ganache the night before. Woke up in the wee hours, pulled up my sleeves, and started my rolling! It was strenuous rolling such quantity of fondant and even more challenging to cover a big cake nicely, perfectly with the fondant. I know some of you have echoed my sentiments (#^^#)

Circus Cake 5

Cake was done faster than expected and all ready for collection! Usually I do delivery but I was not available to do so that day as hubby was out of town and I need to fulfill my usual chaperon duties to my 3 kids  on Saturdays. Grateful that Sze Tein could get her hubby to come and collect. Haha… so the baton was passed to him. It is not an easy task, mind you. Delivery of cakes, especially big cakes, is always the most nerve-wrecking.

Circus Cake 6

I was hoping that the cake has brought joy and delight to the guests at the party that day. Sze Tein has later on left lovely comments in my FB with feedback that the guests loved the cake (^-^) As always, I deeply appreciate each opportunity to bake as each time, it would be a learning experience for me and the honor to be part of some celebrations or blessings.

Circus Cake 10

Circus in town! Something that revokes my childhood memory of my dad bringing me to catch the circus when they came to town …… (^-^)


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