Crown-Shaped Pumpkin Bread (南瓜皇冠面包)


Decided to bake a pumpkin bread again. I have baked it in a loaf (see previous post “Honey Pumpkin Loaf” and also in individual buns, maybe I should try something different? Remembered that I saw on FB recently that someone has shared the link to Daliulian’s site and it has a pumpkin bread recipe shared in it too. The crown-shaped bread looked so beautiful, and so I decided to try my hands on it.

The site is in Chinese and I tried to translate the recipe here to English and did my own “photo tutorial” on the shaping (#^^#) Everything about my attempt (from the pictures, to the shaping, the colour, the final bread) pales in comparison to the original. (=^^=) Nonetheless I have enjoyed the baking and decorating process. Also, definitely loving the bread!




Pumpkin puree 190g (Steamed the pumpkin till soft and mash into puree. Leave aside to cool.)
Fresh milk 100g
Bread flour 342g
Caster sugar 22g
Salt 3g
Yeast 4g
Butter 28g (softened)


1) Put in the ingredients into the breadmaker (you may use mixer to knead or knead manually using hands), with the puree and milk first, followed by the bread flour. Pour the sugar at the side of the heap, make in little well in the middle of the flour heap. Pour in the yeast into the well. And start the bread maker to knead. Add in the salt. When the ingredients in the breadmaker pan come together, add in the butter. Continue the kneading process.

2) After the kneading is done, leave to proof to 2 or 2.5 times bigger (I proofed it for 1 hour)










3) Remove the dough and punch out the air. Remove a 200g portion and divide the remaining dough into 8 equal balls. Leave to rest for 15 minutes.










4) On a 9-inch pizza/tart pan, line with baking paper. Put and invert a rice bowl in the middle. Use a flatter bowl for easier removal later.










5) Roll out the 200g ball flat to cover the rice bowl, stretching to cover the pizza pan. (*This part was a bit tricky for me. The dough kept springing back and it was hard to make it covering the whole pan. The portion covering the rice bowl became too thin as well. So perhaps, the next time I bake this, I would use a 8-inch pan, instead of 9-inch.)










6) Place the 8 small balls around the bowl, forming a circle in the pan.










7) Use a sharp knife to slit diagonally the portion on top of the rice bowl, with each cut portion using the small balls as the guide. Flip over the cut portions onto the balls. (*I did not manage to cut the dough neatly >< ) Carefully remove the rice bowl.



















8) Leave for 2nd proofing. (I did this proofing for approximately 1 hour)










9) Preheat oven to 180 deg Celsius. (*My bread turned out too dark, so I would reduce the temperature to 160 deg cel the next time I bake this.)

10) Brush gently the proofed dough with milk. Decorate with the pumpkin seeds. Bake for approximately 30 minutes.










I love pumpkin bread, potato bread and such. Was told that the pumpkin and potatoes help to yield a soft bread and indeed, look at the inside of the bread! Love the “flossy” texture when you pull the bread apart. (^-^) Breakfast and snack box for the girls for tomorrow settled!




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