Double-Tier Rainbow Cake for Garius’ 1-yo Party

Rainbow Cake 2

On the same day I did the Thomas Train Birthday Cake, I was also doing this double tier Rainbow Cake for a one-year-old birthday baby! When Cherlyn contacted me for the cake and told me that she would like a Rainbow cake, both interior and exterior would be rainbow, she emphasized, my mind started to work hard, thinking of what design it should be. Discussed with Cherlyn and she gave me a picture of the cake she really liked. At first look of the cake, I fell in love with it too! However, wow, it was going to be a tall order! I would so much like to be able to achieve the very same standard. The cake looked so sweet and beautiful. It would be a perfect cake for the joyous occasion.

I took up the challenge and was humbled that Cherlyn trusted me with her confidence in me. As always before doing the actual cake, I started going through different recipes and even tried out a few. Yes, I could always fall back to my usual recipes but if I could find a better one, would that not be better? I was more adamant in having a nice and tasty cake than I was worried for the nerve-breaking fondant decoration. This is because I wanted to break the myth that beautiful cakes, especially fondant cakes, do not taste nice.  Finally, I settled for the recipe which I think would work the best and which would be able to hold the double-tier. It would be a big and heavy piece of cake(s)!

Rainbow Cake 1

I also started planning my schedule in doing up the fondant pieces. The rainbows would have to be done first. I need them to stay in their arched shapes and hence they need a long drying time. The number 1 figurine and the smiling sun too. Next would be the wordings as they were to be standing and not to be stuck on the cake, they need to be of a certain firmness by actual assembly day. Work plan drawn, ingredients ordered …. Alas, the supplier does not carry the baby blue shade of fondant I want. I told Cherlyn about it and told her I would use a darker blue. She agreed. I could have tinted the fondant myself but as it would be a huge amount of fondant for the whole cake, I reckoned it would be challenging to colour the fondant evenly and nicely. Moreover, Cherlyn has mentioned that she would like me to go easy on the colouring. Though Cherlyn has already agreed but it stull bugged me a lot … I called up shop after shop and finally found one that still had stock of the baby blue fondant. I made a trip down and happily informed Cherlyn that I could now do the shade. Baby blue would suit a baby’s party more, right? (^-^)

Rainbow Cake 5

I started baking the 12 cakes (yes, 12 cakes cos I baked each layer individually ^^ ) the day before. Did the vanilla SMB and the Nutella SMB. Frosted the cakes and chilled them in the fridge, awaiting the big operation the following day! Yes, my fridge is big. There was already the Thomas Train Birthday Cake in it, plus my other barang barang, including blocksssssss of butter and cream cheese. However, I am still complaining about the size of my fridge (^-^) Hubby said I need an industrial-sized fridge.

I was left with another worry, the buttercream! I have confidence in my Swiss Meringue Buttercream, the taste and its holding capability under normal circumstances. However, the cake would have to be worked on from the morning to be ready in the evening. Would the buttercream be able to hold, especially under the fondant? I turned on my air-con full blast while working on the cake and stored it in the room till delivery time. Everything still looked good. However, it succumbed to the hot weather during the trip to the party venue and became a bit soft upon delivery.  This was my regret and I felt bad about it.  Hence imagine my relief and joy when Cherlyn and Linda (who recommended me to Cherlyn) feedbacked that the cake was well-received and guests were awed (^-^)

Rainbow Cake 3

It was a beautiful party that Cherlyn has planned for her boy. When my sis, hubs and I delivered the cake (yes! we need a trio delivery team cos the 2 layers of cakes were to be transported separately and also all the little “ornaments”), we were mesmerized by the deco. Though the party had not started and Cherlyn and others were busy doing up the function room, we could already feel the joyous atmosphere!

Rainbow Cake 4

You are a blessed boy, little Garius! Happy birthday!

 Rainbow Cake 6

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