Fried Eggplant with Pork Floss

Brinjal Floss 2

I am sooooo sorry. Been really busy that I have to put my blog aside. Yes, school hols has just started but I’m no less busy (><) Ok. Will cut short my lament and catch up on the backlog for the posts. This pork floss dish was done a few weeks ago. I love this dish and have cooked it a few times after trying it at Swee Choon, Putien and some other restaurants. It is a popular dish that entices people who normally do not eat brinjals. You know of anyone? (^-^)

You can cut the eggplants into cubes the way Swee Choon does it. Or you may cut them into wedges or slices like the other restaurants’ renditions. And as for the batter coating, you can dredge the eggplants into beaten egg first, then flour, or flour first then egg. However I have only tried the first method as I prefer the eggplants to be covered with only a thin layer of crispy coating. If using the latter method as suggested by a friend (I just found out online that many people do it this way too. That is, they made batter with flour and milk/egg, dip the eggplants into it and fry.), the eggplants might be covered with a thicker coating, just like prawn fritters.

This dish is addictive and we can always finish a whole big plate easily (and contentedly). You may like to try it and trick your kids (maybe yourselves and your spouses!) into eating brinjals (^-^)

Brinjal Floss 3

This is my first attempt of this dish. I did with just salt and pepper. The brinjals were cut into cubes. And I used plain flour instead of corn flour for the coating.



2 medium brinjals, cut into cubes/wedges
1 1/2 – 2 heaped tsp chicken stock powder
a few dashes of ground black pepper
2 beaten eggs
all purpose flour/corn flour/potato starch (I did not measure how much I used)
oil for frying
floss (I used pork floss, about 200g)


1) Wash the brinjals and cut into cubes or wedges. Skin not removed. Soak in water. Add a teaspoon of salt to the water. Leave for an hour. Drain the brinjals and pat dry.
2) Add the chicken stock powder and black pepper to the brinjals. Mix well.
3) Heat up your wok and add sufficient cooking oil. Heat up the oil till hot.
4) Dredge the eggplants into the beaten eggs. Let the excess egg drip off.
5) Toss them into the flour and the put them into the oil to fry.
6) Fry till golden colour. Dish up and drain the oil away.
7) I do the above step 4-6 in batches for even cooking and better control.
8) When the fried eggplants are slightly cooled, add in the floss on top generously. Serve immediately and enjoy!

For more exotic taste, I am sure we can try out the same dish with spices such as paprika, smoked cayenne powder, curry powder or shichimi powder (^-^) Cooking is fun, isn’t it? There are just so many ways we can do up a same dish. For now, I hope you will like the humble dish I am sharing above. It’s interesting to get 3 different textures from the soft eggplant, the crispy skin and the pork floss.  The intertwined sweetness and saltiness complement each other well too.

Brinjal Floss 1

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