Frozen Elsa Doll Cake

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My younger girl’s 9-yo birthday was coming and for once, she agreed not to have red velvet cake (haha… yah, for the past 2 years, she wanted only red velvet cakes for her birthdays) but that was only because I told her I wanted to bake for her a doll cake, and somemore an Elsa doll cake (^^) Jaz loves Frozen a lot and at home she has so many of Frozen stuff, such as books, stationery and dolls. It wasn’t so much that I was into Frozen like her but what drove me to think of baking her a doll cake was my clinging on to the sweetness and innocence of my girl (#^^#) Our kids are all growing up too fast … I can see this fact in my eldest girl. While Jaz is still at the age of “princess and fairy tales”, I wanted to bake her a doll cake before she outgrows this phase. I cannot imagine making Joy, my eldest, a doll cake, for her age now. It would seem too “uncool” for a pre-tween. However, for Jaz, her eyes lightened up when she saw the cake, not hiding her emotions and ecstasy (^-^) It was so heart-warming for me to see my girl being so happy and loving the cake.


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I was in fact not very satisfied with the cake. I knew I could do a better one, with fondant or buttercream. If I were to make with fondant, I had wanted to do “a walking/striding” Elsa with flowing dress! If I were to pipe with buttercream, I had planned to do a cascading, ruffles for the dress. However, my little darling told me she wanted fresh cream. She loves fresh cream a lot. Every time when I bake with fresh cream, she would ask for the remaining unused cream. At times, licking off from the balloon whisk before I wash it (^^) Well, it was for her birthday, so I should just listen to her. So a fresh cream cake it shall be!

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I was under the weather for the past few days too and it was a real struggle to keep up with housework, school activities and the baking of this cake. Luckily I felt better on Friday and could pull it off with the cake baking and piping. My hands weren’t really steady enough though, still a bit shaking from my fatigue and the effects of medicine. I did a mini Olaf fondant figurine just before I fell sick and looking at that figurine was what kept me going on to continue with the rest of the cake.


For this cake, I used the same recipe as in my Lychee Martini Cake but sans the alcohol and substituted with the lychee syrup. I had to bake 3 8-inch cakes to achieve the height for the doll and I decided to do different colours for the layers. I used the Elsa doll we bought from Disneyland and cling-wrapped the legs and lower body.

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Had an advanced little birthday celebration on Saturday night, and not just Jaz who was so delighted at the cake, all the other kids too (^-^), the three-year-olds, the 11-year-old and the 12-year-old. Not forgetting my parents! Hahaha…. the grandparents were busy taking photos of the doll cake too, to show my aunts. Glad that the kids like the lychee flavored cake, which initially I wasn’t sure about that, thinking that they might want to stick to their all-time chocolate cake.

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I am just glad that I did the cake for my girl, my little girl who is fast growing up yet will always remain the sweet, lovable princess in my heart.

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Happy Birthday, my little darling!

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