Heart-shaped Cotton Candy Macarons

Heart Mac 1

Macarons again! Baked these for dear niece who requested for them. She was going back to her primary school to visit her teachers and wanted to give these to them. I thought it was really sweet of her to remember her teachers and wanting to visit them when there were tons of other stuff she could have done to celebrate the end of her Sec One SA1 exams. For such a sweet thought, I wanted to make some sweet looking macarons though my brother asked me just to make plain round shaped macs. I did not have the time to make character macs, so could only compromise and made these simple heart-shaped ones.

Heart Mac 2

All female teachers, hmm…. so ok. Pink will do and I did in two shades. Flavour of the shells? I just bought a dainty bottle of Cotton Candy Flavor (LorAnn Oil), so I could try on the macs! Heart-shaped or Ice Cream Coned shaped or balloon shaped? I should go for the heart-shaped as I really did not have much time. Now for the filling, Yen requested for strawberry buttercream and her all-time fav, cookies and cream.

Heart Mac 3

I used the same Italian method for the macarons (source: http://cakeletsanddoilies.blogspot.sg/2012/09/panda-bear-macarons-with-cookie-and.html) and for the cookies and cream filling. As for the strawberry buttercream, I followed the same recipe for my Lingonberry macarons and strawberry macarons (source: http://mykitchenadventuress.blogspot.sg/2013/06/strawberry-macarons.html) Yen asked for 20 macarons but I actually baked 66 pieces (^-^) So I packed half for her teachers, some for her and a dozen and more for hubby to bring to office. Left a few pieces for Joy to enjoy.

Heart Mac 6

Actually looking forward to doing some challenging shapes again but for those past  few weeks, been really too busy and the girls were having exams. Now? Exams over but more commitments and engagements for me … The macs would have to wait. In the meantime, let me know if any of you have any ideas what macs I can do next (^-^)

Heart Mac 4

Hope these pink macs have tugged your heartstrings (^-^)

Heart Mac 5

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