Honey Wholemeal Ham & Cheese Buns


Have been wanting to do this honey wholemeal buns using liquid sponge starter method the moment Meng-Choo shared the recipe on FB in CK page and own personal page. Meng-Choo is an awesome baker and I am always enjoying her posts awe-stricken. She is impressive with her artisan bread, something that I haven’t really ventured into. She is such an inspiration that I must try it out soon. But for now, let me try this recipe since I have my wholemeal flour which otherwise might be forgotten again.

Asked the girls if they would like loaf or buns and what fillings for the buns. They don’t fancy nuts and fruits (but I like!), and would usually choose only sausage, luncheon meat, egg mayo, floss, chocolate, nutella, ham and cheese. They decided on ham & cheese eventually.


Hmm… how do I want to shape my ham & cheese for today’s bake? Maybe something simple but not the usual plain shape? And so I decided on the below (^-^) I tried to take pictures to show the shaping. Hope they are clear and illustrative enough. I am always impressed and grateful to the other bloggers who include picture tutorials in their blogs. I can’t. I don’t have help at home to hold the camera (err…. many of you would know that it is not camera per se but my trusty iPhone. kekeke) as I usually bake at wee hours or when there’s no one at home.


Here’s the recipe that Meng-Choo has shared. I am not sure if she has a blog (should ask her!). It’s a lovely recipe and she has made assorted buns with this dough. You should give it a try too!


*My inputs are in bracket… (BL:     )

Put the following ingredients in the order and mix them well. Leave them in a warm environment for 1-4hr or overnight in the fridge which is what I did for a slower fermentation rate. Max is 48hr.
You should see plenty of activity on the starter. It double in size and plenty of holes. (BL: I left mine in the fridge overnight)

Liquid Starter:
Sour Cream 50gm
Hot Water 75gm
Cold Water 100gm
Yeast 3gm
Wholemeal Flour 140gm

When the starter is ready for use, add the rest of the dry ingredients together except salt. Gradually add salt while kneading the dough. (BL: I used my breadmaker to do the kneading. Hence I placed in the liquid starter first, then all the wet ingredients, followed by the dry ingredients, with yeast the last. I added in the salt only after the ingredients are mixed together and the butter only when the dough is formed.)

Main Dough:
Bread Flour 210gm
Plain Flour 50gm
Yeast 3gm
Salt 7gm
Honey 30gm
Beaten Egg 40gm
Unsalted Butter 30gm

Proof until double in size then “punch” or double fold it in.
Roll, tuck and shape them into assorted breads
Proof until double in size. (BL: During the last 15minutes of the second proofing, I preheated the oven. Also, I applied a thin layer of egg wash to the buns before putting in oven.)
Baking time @:
180 degC for 50-55gm per dough ball for about 15mins (BL: My buns are each around 60g. And I baked at 170 degC for 18minutes.)

This recipe yields ~720gm of dough (BL: Yield 12 buns as mine is 60g for each bun.)

Feeling great that the family will have some healthy buns for breakfast and snacks tomorrow. Actually my helper already asked for a piece just now as she couldn’t resist the temptation seeing them lined up on the cooling rack (^-^) She looked so contented as she chomped on the bun.



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