Ice Cream Cone Macarons

Ice Cream Macaron 1

Since I have been on macaron marathon these few days, I made use of the extra batter to try new designs ^^

Ice Cream Macaron 2

Been wanting to try designs such as ice cream cones, cupcakes, balloons. Read that it’s difficult to pipe ice cream cones cos of the pointed cone shape but I personally think it’s still manageable. Some of the character macarons are trickier to pipe actually. Experimented baking the sprinkles which I have added as toppings for the “ice cream” and glad that it worked! The colour became a bit paler but at least the sprinkles did not melt.

Ice Cream Macaron 5

Haha… maybe I can start making some other flavors for these ice cream macarons, such as cookies and cream (my kids’ fav!), strawberry, rum and raisin, chocolate mint, to start with? ^^ Ok, gtg. Some more macaron orders to fulfill. It’s gonna be a macaron mania weekend!

Ice Cream Macaron 4

Ice Cream Macaron 3

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