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It was my girl’s birthday and as always, she has requested for her favourite Oreo Cheesecake. She actually had 2 celebrations. The first was an advanced celebration with the family and she wanted her other favourite, Strawberry Jelly Hearts. Sis has kindly helped me did the cake for her, knowing that I had been busy baking for other children’s birthdays these 2 weeks (#^^#) However for her actual birthday, I told Joy that no matter how busy I would be, I would bake the cake for her personally. Since it was her usual Oreo Cheesecake, it should be easy for me. That was what she and me initially thought ……. Not until I suddenly came across a video on an Instagram cake, that I thought I could actually give her a surprise by baking her one of these! Yes, still fulfilling her request for a cheesecake but I would make it into this Instagram design (^-^)

I watched the video and read through the recipe. Wow! A lot of work involved. It would be a challenge for me to work out the schedule as this cake would need to be done over a few days for the different stages and I have been really busy up to my neck these past few weeks (and for the next few weeks too!). And when I showed the picture in the video to hubby and my brother, they looked at me disbelievingly and asked “Are you sure you can do it?” Haha… so much confidence in me yah (><)  I really did not know if I could pull it off but I would like to give it a try. At the most, kekeke …. I could always run to the nearest bakery and buy a cake for Joy on that day. Another reason why I was determined to try making this cake was because I know Joy would love this surprise. Their generation is so into Instagram and Joy has been asking me to let her have an account. Hahaha….. this will be my granting her the wish to have Instagram (^-^)

The whole process was quite nerve-wrecking, and not knowing how the end product would be. I just went along with it, starting off with the 4-colour jelly part (I used agar agar, instead of jello as I reckoned agar agar would be firmer and thus easier to handle), followed by the black/brown jelly part for lens and lens finder. Again, I used agar agar and was having a tough time to get dark brown or black. So far so good, so I proceeded on the third day the cheese layer part. Instead of using mousse as in the original recipe, I substituted with my usual Oreo cheesecake recipe. I added chocolate paste to get the brown colour. Did the brown part in the morning and by late afternoon, it was set and I continued with the white part. Decided to play safe to let the cheese layers be firm and stable before I add the base, I let the cake chilled overnight. After the base was done (I substituted krispies with crushed Oreo crumbs), again I let the whole thing chilled overnight while I tried to chill myself as it was then the biggest fear. How am I going to unmould the whole thing?!!!!!! (><)

To make this cake, I have used my long Pullman tin which of course does not come with removable base. And for this cake, the process is the other way round, meaning the base was done the last and would appear on the “top” of the pan. I was crossing my fingers (and I guessed my toes were trying to do the same too) as I slided a warm knife along the sides of the pan. After that I turned the whole pan on a DIY cardboard base. Using a hairdryer set on low heat, I blew it on the tin base. After a few knocks (and perspiration), the cake was unmoulded! Hooray! It looked ok. Phew! Trimming off the slanting sides to make the cake into its oblong/squarish shape, I put it back in the fridge to chill it. Ready to do the glaze the next day! The new fear? Would the glaze “melt” my cake??? (><)

I was glad the glaze looked good and had a nice mirror effect. I really hoped all the expensive chocolate I have used in making the glaze would not go into waste. Waited a long, long time for the glaze to be cooled to the recommended temperature, I took out the cake from the fridge and set up everything for the glazing! I poured the glaze over the cake. What seemed an easy step was not so! It was hard to get all the sides evenly covered and I tried not to be bothered by the amount of glaze dripped into the pan underneath the cake (><) Ok! Cake was glazed and put back into the fridge.


Did some simple decoration hastily on the day itself. Did not want to overdo it as I preferred a simple and clean look. Now, left with revealing the secret within this cake!


When I brought the cake down to the party venue, Joy and her guests were gushing at the “chocolate cake” (^-^) Yes, she was still in the dark. In fact, only a few people knew of the secret. After the customary birthday song, blowing candles, we were ready to cut the cake. I was doing the “first cut” with the birthday girl and could not have a good view of the cut cake but hearing the squeals from the girls and other guests, all exclaiming “Wow! Instagram!!!!”, “OMG, Instagram!!!!”  I knew I did it!


Joy’s eyes beamed and I could see the pride in them as her friends were busy snapping away photos of the cake. I hope Joy has liked the surprise I have prepared for her. My baby is growing up fast and this is her last birthday as a “child” (^-^) Getting emo …. *Sob Sob Sob*


For those who are keen to try out the cake, you can refer to the video here in “How To Cook That“. I have used Aunty Yochana’s Chilled Cream “O” Cheesecake recipe for the Oreo Cheesecake but doubled the amount, meaning one full recipe for the chocolate part of this instagram cake and another full recipe for the white part. I did not add in the crushed Oreo here and have added chocolate paste to get the colour. For the base, I referred back to the original recipe but replaced Krispies with Oreo crumbs and again doubled the recipe. As for the glaze, I have adopted the recipe from Mandy’s blog, Chocolate Lacquer Glaze. As my cake is quite a big one, I quadrupled her recipe. I have some of the glaze left even after “wasting” so much in the process of glazing, so I think I could have done 3 times the recipe instead of 4. Mandy’s bakes are always so beautifully done and inspiring. Do drop by her blog and you will definitely be awed by her gorgeous cakes.

I was honored and humbled to receive many kind words for this cake after I have posted it on FB. Actually this is a do-able cake, just that it requires a lot of work and planning ^^ I am sure all of you can do it too!

Happy birthday to my dearest Joy. Mummy loves you! Every moment with you is deeply “instagrammed” in my heart and will stay forever (^-^)




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