Klassiske Vaniljekranse – Danish Butter Cookies

danish cookies 2

Perhaps I should be starting on my CNY bakes but I haven’t, though knowing that I’m pressed for time. Many birthday cakes to bake in the next few days, plus busy with the school volunteer work. And there’s the daily baking for the family’s breakfast and the girls’ snacks.  However, because of a sudden craving and because rarely was I left alone at home with the 3 kiddos away, I relished at the chance last night and baked these Danish butter cookies (^-^)

danish cookies 3

I followed the recipe in Alan’s blog, Klassiske Vaniljekranse – Danish Butter Cookies. I know I wouldn’t go wrong with anything from his blog (^-^) His blog, http://travelling-foodies.com is a magnificent blog! Alan is one of my most admired bloggers. Do visit his blog and you will know why (^-^)


Please click on the below link:

Travelling Foodies: Klassiske Vaniljekranse – Danish Butter Cookies

danish cookies 1

*I finished my Lurpak at home, but have my President and SCS, and I used the former to bake these cookies ^^ Maybe time for me to stock up on Lurpak and Elle & Vire again.

I finished baking just in time when the kiddos reached home and they started picking up the cookies one after another and nom nom away! My second girl especially, loves the cookies! Even if I had wanted to keep these cookies for CNY, I don’t think my girl will let me. The cookies will be gone way before Chinese New Year!

danish cookies 4

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