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Finally I have started my CNY baking! Ironically, the bakery shops near my place are already offering their goodies at discounted prices and here I am, only started the baking now (><) Been too busy and even had to turn down a kind offer by a friend for orders of my bakes. Feel so sorry about it. However, am so touched by her thoughts and gesture. She has so much confidence in me that she even offered to be my distributor and garner orders from the workplace (#^^#)

And of all CNY bakes, I have started the first item with the most difficult one! At least for me, I find kueh bangkit the most challenging, even more so than kueh lapis. Every year, I would spend hours baking these little morsels. It is the most time consuming amongst all my CNY bakes. However, for a simple reason why I am still doing this yearly is because of my eldest girl. She loves kueh bangkit (^-^)

This is my third year baking these kueh bangkit (though when I was a little girl, I would be helping my mum when she baked these) Still trying hard to recall the recipe I have used then. The cookies were very well-received that my in-laws requested for more bottles of them (^-^) Now you see why I have said that I need to start a blog soon cos I’m forgetting more and more recipes! Grrr ….

Wait! Found it! Thanks to FB! I have used the recipe from here: http://kimmy-cookingpleasure.blogspot.sg/2013/01/kuih-bangkit-cny-2013.html?m=1
But hehehe… it is the same as what I have used this year, which is shared by Victoria in her blog too, which Vic has also credited the recipe to Zoe (from Bake for Happy Kids) See the wonderful sharing in blogosphere?


These are what I baked last year.

Vic’s blog is always one of my to-go-to and when I saw her post (though it was a 2014 post), I was very inspired once more and told myself that all the more I should not skip my annual routine in baking these. Despite my grumblings, I felt accomplished after seeing the final products. And all the more I felt happy when I saw my 3 kids happily popping the cookies into their mouths.

Didn’t count how many pieces I have made but I guessed should be around 150? It was hard to count too as I got my younger girl to count only those nicer ones, excluding those pieces that I broke when transferring them from the tray after they were baked (=^^=) These pieces went into my tummy.


Please visit Victoria’s blog at this link the best melt-in-the-mouth kueh bangkit (coconut cookies) 入口即化万吉饼 ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)  for the recipe.

Only differences:
1) I have used 50% tapioca flour and 50% sago flour.
2) I do not have the wooden mould and have used my plunger cutter for the shape. Last year, I did use a cookie cutter.
3) I have prepared the flour 2 days in advance.
4) I baked my cookies at 170 degC for 15 minutes.



















Love this recipe dearly as the cookies are light and melt-in-the-mouth, yet without being sticky to the teeth.  Oh! A little discovery which later when I shared with some friends, they commented that it is a helpful “tip” (^^) As I was busy whizzing in and out the whole day, I could not manage to bake the whole lot at one go. So I covered the remaining dough with a damp cloth and left the bowl in room temperature. I continued in 2 subsequent batches. One in the afternoon and one late at night. The dough remained ok and was actually easier to handle than the morning batch. We just have to make sure that the cloth is damp and is covering the dough properly. Otherwise, the dough might dry up and become hard to handle.


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  1. victoria bakes says:

    Awww.. Vanessa, what can i say? U just gave me a “high hat” n i’m now floating….

    These KB are truly nice and i love how ur pattern all came out so nicely.. leave it as a centrepiece for the dining table i say

    Thanks for linking to best recipes

    • bakinglanguage says:

      Hi Vic, it’s true! Your works are so incredibly amazing. That’s why we are all saying that you are not just a great baker, you are an excellent artist too!(^^)

    • bakinglanguage says:

      Hi Fion, it was my pleasure and delight to link with the event. I was so shy about it, telling Vic that all of you are experts but Vic has been very encouraging. Thanks so much for organizing it, Fion =)

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