Mango Pomelo Sago 杨枝甘露

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This is one of my favourite desserts, so is my family’s. Left with quite a lot of pomelo from Chinese New Year, I have been telling myself to quickly consume them all and not waste them. Hence, been baking a number of pomelo stuff, eg Pomelo Butter Cake, but I can’t miss this dessert out. My parents love this and so does my hubby. It’s costly to buy a bowl of this outside, when the steps to make this seem so easy. I stopped procrastinating and made a big tub of this on Saturday. Everyone loved it, saying that it was very nice.

There are many recipes out there for this dessert and I have followed Ellena’s recipe in Cuisine Paradise. Love the sweetness of the dessert. Everything is just right! Will be making this again soon!


* Please visit Ellena’s post @ Cuisine Paradise. She has put up some nice pictorial tutorials. And you will love all her other posts as well too!


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6 Honey Mango, diced *I used 8! 5 to make the puree and 3 for the topping.
1 Litre Marigold PeelFresh Mango Juice
400ml evaporated milk
5 Wedges Pomelo, peel and separate the sacs *I did not count how many wedges I have used. I have 2 whole pomelos and I just peeled and separated the sacs for the 2 of them. I think I should have used more than 5 wedges though.
5 Tablespoons Pearl Sago

Sugar Syrup:

4 Tablespoons Sugar
50ml Hot Water


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1. Bring a pot of water to boil, add in sago and simmer for 8 minutes.
2. Switch off the heat, cover for 5 minutes till it turns translucent then rinse cooked sago with water using a sieve to remove the starch. Set aside while preparing the mango purée.
3. Blend cubed mango (5 mango; reserve 1 for topping) with 200ml of evaporated milk for 1 minute.
4. Mix mango purée, mango juice and remaining evaporated milk with sugar syrup (melt sugar with hot water) till combine then stir in cooked sago.
5. Chill mixture in the fridge for at least 2 hours before serving.

It is truly refreshing to have a bowl of this and a blessing for the hot weather we have been getting.

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