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Hi there! In my previous post, I have shared the Calpis Bread Loaf I have baked last December , and here’s the Melon Soda Bread Loaf I have came up with, inspired by the Calpis loaf (^-^)

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Was shopping at Daiso the other day and while I was heading towards the cashier with my loots, I passed by the beverage session and grabbed a can of the Melon Soda. Hubby and the kids looked at me in surprise, cos I am not into fizzy drinks. Told them I am not going to drink this soda, but would like to experiment some baking with it.

I could either use the Coke bread Loaf recipe I have done before or Hippomama’s recipe for the Calpis Loaf. I was too lazy to go dig out my recipe book (for those who do not know, I have a humongous collection of recipe books ^^), so decided to use the Calpis recipe. I love that recipe and was quite certain that it would work for this Melon Soda too.

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The RESULT? Yes! The loaf turned out beautiful and tasted great! Again, I deeply appreciate the ease of the recipe. Haven’t had much time recently to plan my baking schedule with many impromptu errands and stuff to handle, hence a straight dough method is the best for such case (^-^)

Though the melon soda taste was not apparent in the bread but I would not complain. As with the Calpis bread and Coke bread, I supposed the soda has helped as an important ingredient and agent in yielding the soft loaf. The next time I drop by Daiso, I would definitely grab another bottle of the soda to bake this again! Or wait …. maybe I can try out another flavor? (^-^)

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Inspired by Hippomama’s Calpis Loaf

250g bread flour
50g cake flour
3g fine salt
10g condensed milk
70g Melon Soda
165g milk
3g instant yeast
12g unsalted butter, softened

1) Knead the ingredients together, except butter and salt, till mixed together. Add in the salt and continue to knead into a dough. Add in the butter and knead till window pane stage. You can use hand to knead, your stand mixer with dough hook or like me, the kneading function of a breadmaker.
2) Leave to proof till doubled in size. You may want to oil the proofing bowl as the dough is quite sticky. I did not as it was still manageable for me. Cover the bowl with a cling wrap and proof in warm surrounding for about 45-60min.
3) Punch the dough a few times to release the air and divide into 2 equal portions. Roll each portion lengthwise and then roll up like a swissroll. Repeat the same for the other portion. Cover with cling wrap and leave to rest for 15 minutes.
4) With the dough facing you like an “I”, roll out the doll lengthwise and again, roll up like a swissroll. Then place it in a Pullman tin. Repeat for the other portion. Leave for final proofing until it rises to about 80% to the brim of the tin.
5) Bake in preheated 180deg cel oven for about 32min. I put mine in the second lower rack, ie, slightly below the middle rack.
6) Once baked, remove and unmould immediately. Let cool completely before slicing.

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1) As mentioned in my previous bread posts, I like to proof my bread in a closed oven, with 2 cups of hot water in the oven.







It’s nice to have the bread plain on its own, with your favourite spread, toast it or made it into a sandwich (^-^)

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