Mexican Coffee Buns (Roti Boy)


Rotiboy5Missed having bread after weeks of baking cakes, macarons and cookies, so started baking loaves and buns again, especially since school was starting and I need to prepare some stuff for the girls to bring as noon snacks. My eldest girl has mentioned to me a few days ago that she missed my coffee buns, which are also my favorite. Decided to bake these again. However it was with a heavy heart as I baked these buns. It was the day of the passing of Mr LKY. The gloominess and sorrow still looms in the house. As a respect, I am not posting in FB nor in my blog for the period of the national mourning. I do not have the mood anyway.

Have tried quite a few recipes for these Mexican Coffee Buns (aka Roti Boy. I was among those who would queue to buy these buns when they were in Singapore. I simply love the coffee aroma of the buns.) All the recipes yield yummy buns but a few fall short somewhere, either the topping is too liquid or would turn soggy, or the buns not as soft and fragrant, or the fillings not as satisfactory, or … I hope to achieve one recipe that can give me yummy bread and filling like in Aunty Yochana’s, beautiful and creative buns like Victoria Bakes’ and delish topping like Minty Kitchen’s. Still working towards that but for the time being, I am pleased with the below recipe I have came up with after some changes but largely adapted from Minty’s Kitchen. Thanks Veronica!



Overnight Sponge Dough:  Mix well into a dough and leave overnight in the fridge.
215g bread flour
130g fresh milk
2g dried yeast

Bread Dough:
90g bread flour
12g fresh milk
30g egg
7g dried yeast
5g salt
50g sugar
12g milk powder
45g butter

  • Knead all the ingredients including the overnight sponge dough (except the butter) into a smooth dough.  Then add in the butter.  Knead until the dough becomes smooth and elastic.  Proof the dough until it doubled in size.  *I used my breadmaker to do the kneading.
  • Knock out the air in the dough and divide into 10 equal portions.  Shape them into round balls.  Cover and rest for 15 minutes. *Each portion was around 60g.
  • Roll out each dough and add the butter filling.  Seal tightly to prevent filling from leaking out during baking.
  • Place the dough  into individual paper casing and cover.  Proof until doubled in size. *It is a good idea of Minty’s Kitchen to use the muffin liners. Previously I did not bake in them and some buns did leak and the filling made a mess.
  • Pipe the filling onto the dough before baking in a preheated oven of 180 deg C for about 20 minutes.


Butter Filling:
100g butter, softened *Do try with salted butter! I like it more! The mild saltiness enhanced the flavor of the coffee buns tremendously.
1/2 tsp vanilla paste
30g caster sugar

  •  Beat everything together and chill in the fridge.  Divide into 10 equal portions. *The filling might look as if not enough but worry not. it is!


75g butter, softened
60g icing sugar
40g egg, lightly beaten
2 tsp coffee granules mixed with 1.5 tsp hot water
75g plain flour

  • Beat butter and icing sugar until combine.  Gradually add in beaten egg and coffee.
  • Fold in flour.
  • Fill a piping bag with the mixture and set aside.


I have increased the topping amount to the above as the original recipe was not sufficient for me to “top” all 10 buns. Not sure if it was because I was too greedy but I wanted the whole top of the buns to be filled with the topping. Tastes better, looks nicer. Since trying out with this recipe, I have been sticking to it cos I love it that the toppings of the buns do not turn soggy nor sticky by the next day. The buns are fluffy and soft and the butter fillings added the extra “umph” to the bread.




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      Hi Veronica! *Waving hand excitedly* (#^^#) So happy to see you here. I must thank you again for the recipe. It’s awesome! Love your blog!

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