Mixed Berries Jelly


Ann is one of my fav food bloggers. Love her creations, be it a dish or a bake, as all never fail to look so pretty, appetizing and delish. So when Ann posted her Berry Jelly, I was mesmerized and told her that I would definitely try for the coming Christmas dinner. My mum loves blueberries, so this would be something she would like (^-^)

Indeed, not only do these jelly look pleasing, they taste nice too! My mum loves the refreshing taste. Told her it was the lime juice added. These jellies really wrapped up our otherwise heavy feasting with a sweet note.


Source: Anncoo JournalBerry Jelly

Kindly click on the link for the recipe. Do visit her blog for other marvelous recipes too. You will enjoy her great blog.

Ann has advised me to use smaller cups for faster setting, but I guessed my cups were still too big, hence they took hours to set (>-<) And overnight for the “top” layer to set too. Also, if I have made them into smaller cups, I would have more cups for that dinner. I ended up with only 5 cups and we “share share” among us, except for my mum and dad who each had a cup to herself/himself (^-^)

It was a BERRY Merry Christmas for us all!


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