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The kitchen has always been my haven, my sanctuary. A place I can indulge in my passion and love for baking and cooking. Family and friends are my source of inspiration and motivation. With every bake and every dish, I am still but learning and experimenting.  With this humble blog as a journal, I hope to share my experiences with everyone.

I thank you for dropping by my blog and your feedback would be most welcomed.








  1. Ng Lek Hong says:

    Many thanks Vanessa for your sharing, cooked it yesterday it was very nice to go with rice. When I was a little girl I loved to cook, spending hours in the kitchen, making a mess but learning delicious traditional Chinese recipes. Today, I am still that same little girl playing in the kitchen, I like to experiment with different tastes. Of course, kitchen is a place for me to relieve my stress as well, especially, being a working mum in Singapore, the stress level from my workplace, and the only way from cooking to let go all my tension and stress…

    • bakinglanguage says:

      Thanks so much for leaving me with such nice comments, Lek Hong (^-^) I can feel what you said. It is the same for me. However I left my job around 2 years back, thus more opportunities to be in the kitchen. Before that, I would always stole time to cook or bake though despite my stressful work commitments and long work hours. All the best, Lek Hong. Take care too and do not burn yourself out.

  2. Angela says:

    Hi Vanessa, saw your lychee martini cake.. it looks awesome very nice! 🙂 May I know what fresh cream do u use for the piping? It is so nicely done. Thanks.

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