My Little Pony – Rainbow Dash & Transformer – Bubblebee Birthday Cakes

Carris and Jae 2

Carris and Jae

The two “babies” in the family, my sweetie niece and my little boy, were having their birthdays coming in June but we would be out of town that period. Hence, did a simple celebration in advance and I was entrusted to produce 2 cakes for them. Was too busy and last minute to do any elaborate cakes, so I made do with these 2 simple cakes, using ready “toys” as the toppers instead of making own figurines.

Niece loves Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, and she loves fresh cream. Hence did this cake for her. My boy loves Bumblebee from Transformers and so I did this chocolate cake with fondant for him. A good learning experience to try the “blasting” effect for the fondant. Accidentally dropped the My Little Pony figurine while transporting the cake to sis’ place, hence the frosting was a bit ruined. It was also a scorching hot day, and the fondant was “sweating” and the fresh cream was melting when we reached her place. And by the time we finished dinner and ready to cut the cakes, the Transformer Bumblebee cake has turned soft and so did the Rainbow Dash cake (>-<) However, the two tykes did not mind the less-than-perfect cakes and both were so thrilled when they saw the cakes ^^  Nothing delighted us more than to see their smiles and to hear their laughter.



Happy birthday to our little darlings. You have brought us much joy to our lives. We lurve ya!

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