My Melody Macarons (Rose Flavoured with White Chocolate Ganache)

My Melody Macaron 8

Received a request for My Melody macarons from a pretty young lady to give to her friend as a birthday present.  So, here I am making these macarons again and as with Rilakkuma, My Melody seems to be a very well-liked character ^^

My Melody Macaron 5

My Melody Macaron 3

Have actually made 2 batches as I found the colour for the first batch a tad too pale. Could not convince myself to deliver them, thus right away made another batch. The first batch of macs did not go to waste. They were snapped up fast and I gave some to my girl’s friends, teachers and tutors. So happy to hear from them how they have liked the macs.

I have received queries on how I have piped my macs. Err…. sometimes I piped free-hand, sometimes, like for these My Melody, I printed out the image and placed baking paper on top before I piped. The facial features and flowers were done with royal icing. Achieving the right viscosity for the royal icing is almost as tricky as getting the right colour for baked macarons. I’m still very much, trial and error, as I go along.

My Melody Macaron 7

My Melody Macaron 6

When I first sent Lili the photos of the macarons, she gushed. I was even more delighted when she shared with me the feedback after she has given the macarons to her friend. They have really liked the macarons.

My Melody Macaron 9
” …. the macarons are sooo awesome! not only do they look good, they taste great! the texture is so chewy tooo ”
“can totally compare ya macarons to the big brands in sg! yours even better cus it’s customized! …”

Awww….. now my turn to blush to receive these compliments. I am just so happy whenever people who received my bakes have enjoyed them. (#^^#)

My Melody Macaron 4

My Melody Macaron 2

Lili, thanks so much for your support! Hope you and your friend will like the second order too! They are done and will be passing over to you later ^^

My Melody Macaron 1


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