Orange Butter Cake

Orange butter cake 2

Butter cakes, a simple yet sinful indulgence many of us love (^-^) And I am so happy that there are many wonderful recipes around, kindly shared by many good bakers. For this post, I will share some of the orange butter cakes I have baked before. Will try to share the other recipes and attempts for the popular Mrs SK Ng butter cake, a “Filipino butter cake”, durian butter cake, sugee almond butter cake, etc.

This Orange Butter Cake is one of my latest bakes and the recipe is from The Little Teochew. The cake turned out so good that I was talking about it non-stop in my post on FB and to my family. This recipe is really a keeper BUT ….. as I was typing this, I went back to the blog and realized that it is now a private blog (_ _) Really sad, cos I love Ju’s blog a lot and have tried many, many of her recipes before. Maybe I should write to her to request her to invite me to her blog (#^^#) A bit pai sei though cos I’m a nobody compared to her.

Orange butter cake 1








Orange Butter Cake (The Little Teochew)

As mentioned earlier, there are many awesome recipes around and Michelle’s one is another of my greatest finds! So in love with her recipe too. This is what I have baked before with her recipe. Please drop by her blog for this fabulous recipe. The butter cake is really so rich and fragrant (^-^)

orange butter cake









Orange Butter Cake (Mich’s blog: Piece of Cake)

And not forgetting this Chocolate Orange Pound Loaf! The recipe is from Ann’s blog. It was so good that I remembered it being snapped up before I could take more pics nor save the cake for the girls’ snacks for the following day. Chocolatey and citrusy ….. it’s a heavenly pairing! I heart Ann’s blog all time!

Chocolate Orange








Chocolate Orange Loaf Cake (Ann’s blog: Anncoo Journal)

Hope you will like my little compilation today (^-^) Forget about the calories! Go and indulge in a piece o two! They are really addictive!

Orange butter cake 3




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