Panda Birthday Cake (Chocolate Banana Mousse)


Jaz’s BFF, Amanda,¬†would be having her 9-year-old birthday soon and her mummy, Pauline, requested for a cake for the sweetie. Amanda likes panda and so it would be a panda shaped cake for her. The challenge? Pauline said Amanda loves Chocolate Banana Mousse Cake. Hmm …. how to “whiten” the cake to look like a white panda and not a chocolatey brown one? (^-^)

Have done Secret Recipe inspired Chocolate Banana¬†Mousse Cake before for my sis and bro’s birthday. I remember everyone loved the cake, so I decided to use back the same awesome recipe from Aunty Yochana. And Panda-shaped? Have done that 2 years before too for my niece’s birthday. I should be good to go!

Did this cake for bro and sis' birthday.

Did this cake for bro and sis’ birthday.

My first Panda cake done  2 years back for niece's birthday.

My first Panda cake done 2 years back for niece’s birthday.

After the cake was done (took a bit of time as the cake was layered), I started on whipping up the cream to do the frosting. Did not want the cake to taste too heavy, so I opted for fresh cream. What followed was piping, piping and piping (^-^)

Had to keep cool literally to do the piping. For those who know and experienced before, you have to be quick in the piping else the cream would turn too soft under the heat from your hands. The piping can be quite tiring too and your hands will become so “sng” (#^^#) However, I was glad that somehow I managed to pipe fast and everything went smoothly.

So here’s the cake!



And I was glad to learn from Pauline later that Amanda loved the surprise.



    • bakinglanguage says:

      Hi Valerie, I piped the face freehand as I have made panda face a few times. For beginner, one might like to draw the face on a clear plastic sheet (you can use OHP sheet) and place on top the cake and make markings. After that, remove the template and start piping away ^^

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