Paper Wrapped Chicken 纸包鸡

Paper Wrapped Chicken 5

Many people know I love dim sum and I love chicken, so it’s no surprise that Chee Pow Kai, Paper Wrapped Chicken, is one of my favorites.  Tried cooking this dish myself for dinner yesterday and glad that they turned out nice. The meat was tender and flavourful. I should have added a bit more sugar or dark soy sauce though as both hubby and I think that the chicken might taste even better if sweeter. Noted! Will do so the next time I prepare this dish again ^^

Paper Wrapped Chicken 4

Haha…. it’s an oily dish as I deep fried the chicken the traditional way. It was after I posted this on my FB, Gwen commented that she air-fried the chicken the last time she did it! Aiyah! Why have I forgotten that I could air-fry them too? (><) It really just slipped out of my mind my trusty airfryer.

Nonetheless, the whole family enjoyed the sinful dish and everyone was licking their fingers (^-^)


*largely adapted from Cooking for the President, with some moderations


10 chicken wings (Around 1kg) Or you can use chicken parts but preferably deboned.


Paper Wrapped Chicken 1









Group A:
23g ginger, sliced
23g shallots
30g garlic
3/4 tbs sugar *Will increase to 1 tbs the next time I do this again
1 tsp salt
3/4 tsp ground white pepper
3/4 tbs light soy sauce
1 1/2 tsp dark soy sauce *Will increase to 2 tsp the next time I do this again
1 1/2 tbs oyster sauce
1 1/2 tbs Worcestershire sauce
2 tbs Huatiao wine (Shaoxing wine) *Or you can substitute with 1 1/2 tbs Shoaxing and 1/2 tbs Cognac. I do not have cognac at home and so used only Shaoxing wine.

Group B:
1 1/2 tbs white sesame oil
1 1/2 vegetable oil
1 1/2 tapioca flour (I ran out of tapioca flour and used potato starch instead.)

20 pieces of cooking (Parchment paper), cut into 25cm by 15 cm
oil for deep-frying

1) Wash and drain the chicken wings (Yes, I’m still a believer of washing my meat before cooking.) Cut the drumstick and wing part. Will be easier to cook and to wrap.
2) Blend the ginger, shallots and garlic together into paste. Mix with all other ingredients in Group A and marinade the chicken thoroughly. Leave aside for 1 hour at least, up to 24 hours. I left to marinade for 4 hours and kept it in the fridge.
3) Take out the chicken and drizzle with the sesame oil and vegetable oil and mix thoroughly, Sprinkle the flour and mix again.
4) Wrap the chicken, making sure the end part of the paper is well tucked in the “pocket”.

Paper Wrapped Chicken 2
























5) Prepare your wok with the oil. When the oil is heated till smoking, over medium-high heat, place in the wrapped chicken carefully. I placed the chicken into the oil with the “flap” side facing up. I also cooked the “drumstick” parts first in the first batch and the “wing” part the next batch. Fry each side for about 2 minutes. Remove from heat and reheat oil again. Refry chicken for a few more minutes till paper is browned.
6) Dish out and drain well. Serve immediately.

So glad that my whole family enjoyed this dish. It’s simple to prepare, though some will say it’s troublesome to wrap the chicken, and then to unwrap it to eat. (^-^) I read that there are some “theories” on the reason for wrapping the chicken and cook it (chicken will be more tender …)  but on a simpler ground, I think that’s what made the dish special. When we want to enjoy good food, we wouldn’t mind getting our hands dirty (^-^)

Paper Wrapped Chicken 3

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