Penguin Oreo Cupcakes


In addition to the Instagram Cheesecake I did for my girl’s birthday, I baked these cuppies on the day itself too. It occurred to me only that morning that what if some of the guests are not able to take cheese and thus would not be able to eat the cheesecake? Hence, last minute I baked these on impromptu ^^

It was not difficult to bake the cupcakes and 48 of them were ready in a jiffy, ready to be decorated. I could have just done a simple frosting and add a piece of Oreo biscuit on the cream for decoration but I thought of making the cuppies look more adorable since they were for the kids. This penguin design was easy and I chose fondant and not royal icing cos some of the guests were already here! I thought fondant would be faster since I just need to cut, cut, cut, roll, roll, roll and paste, paste, paste.

Joy did not know of these cupcakes. She was so busy playing and entertaining her friends that I was completely “ignored”. Good for me too, so that I could carry out the secret mission without her knowledge and these cuppies could be another surprise for her other than the Instagram Cake (^-^) Btw, I turned hubby’s workshop into my “icing room” to do all these decorating and I locked myself in the room (#^^#)



I have referred to the recipe for the chocolate cupcakes and Oreo buttercream from Annie’s Eats. The cupcakes were moist and yes, flat-topped! The buttercream was yummy too!

*I have reduced the brown sugar to 1.5 cup
*The recipe yields 48 standard sized cupcakes for me. I poured in 2/3 filled of batter in each liner to bake.

Did not expect these Penguin Oreo Cupcakes to be so well-liked by the guests. Many told me that they could not bear to eat them. The guests loved the Oreo buttercream frosting too and some requested for more ^^

Glad that these cuppies added some cute element to the party and the guests liked them. Guess what? My girls are asking me to bake more for them!


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