Pig Trotter with Vinegar and Ginger 猪脚醋

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Trying to catch up with my blog. Here’s another version of the Pig Trotter dish that I have tried a few weeks ago. Know what? I used to shun away from this dish and when I had my first confinement, I was still adamantly refusing to eat this dish. I am not really a fan of pork and somehow always associate this dish with old people and old beliefs … I know that my mum and MIL love this dish though. So did my late grandma. For their sake, I went to try this dish. First started by eating just the eggs (!!!). From there, I progressed to taking a small piece of the meat (No! Not the trotters/knuckles part!) I reckoned that I must know how this dish tastes before knowing how to cook it. Motherhood began to take its toil on me and by the time I was in my second confinement, I was agreeable to the confinement nanny preparing this dish for me. I tried and hey! It tasted g.o.o.d!

From then on, I was more determined to go learn this dish. I learnt from the confinement lady but did not try my hands on preparing it. It was only till a few years back, I was asked by my alma mater to help in their school recipe calendar project. School leaders, staff, old girls, etc contributed recipes but they needed someone to cook them all. I was one of the “cooks” and pig trotters with vinegar was one of the recipes. That was the first time I brought to my mum my own cooked pig trotters and seeing how she and dad enjoyed the dish, I felt so happy. That recipe remains my favourite till today. I have since, cooked this dish several times, for my late grandma, my parents and in laws.

However for this post, I am sharing another recipe which I came across and found it interesting as it uses dried chilli and gula Melaka. The recipe is from WSM@Kitchen blog. Soh Man has a fantastic blog and you must drop by for her other awesome recipes!


Largely adapted from Pig Trotter with Vinegar and Ginger and I doubled recipe from below. I used my slow cooker/crockpot to prepare this dish for the last 4 ~ 5 hours.

Ingredients :

Pig trotter – 1/2
Salt – 3 tbsp.
Ginger – 200g (peeled, cut into big pieces and flattened) *I would prefer to use 文冬姜 but regrettably could not get it then.
Black vinegar – 200ml
Water – Some
Palm sugar – 1/2
Brown sugar – 60g
Oil – 1tbsp
Dark soy sauce – 1/2 tbsp
Superior light soy sauce – 1 tbsp
Dried chilies – 4pcs
Egg – Quantity (as per your preference), boiled and shelled

Method :

1) Chunk pig trotter and marinate with salt for 1/2 hour. Then rinse with water.
2) Heat a pot of water to cook trotter for 10 minutes. Remove and set aside.
3) Heat pot, dry fry ginger briefly, pour in oil to fry until fragrant.
4) Add trotter, dark soy sauce , superior light soy sauce, and 100ml black vinegar, stir fry briefly.
5) Add some water, then remaining black vinegar, palm sugar , brown sugar and dried chilies. Bring to boil over high heat then turn to low heat to cook for 2 hours, turn off heat and add in boiled eggs.
6) Cover with lid to simmer for 2 to 3 hours.

For those who like this dish with a spicy taste, this recipe is for you. My in laws and parents love this! This recipe yields a thicker and stickier gravy, so it is also for those who love the dish to be stronger and denser in taste. It is also less sourish as compared to the usual pig trotter recipes that I have used previously.

pig trotters 1

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