Pineapple Tarts – Taiwanese Pineapple Shortcakes 台式凤梨酥


After the easy peasy crab sticks, it was time for the next challenge, which was also my first attempt for pineapple tarts (^-^) Was going to do Kenneth’s recipe which I have actually recommended to many friends and all of them love it, but sis has already baked them and also my bro has passed me a tub. However I have already bought my pineapple paste from Ailin, so I should go ahead with the plan. Then the idea struck me to bake the Taiwanese shortcake style, which is also my favourite. The pineapple shortcakes is always a must-buy for me when I travel to Taiwan and I would be very happy if I can bake them on my own (^-^)

Rolling up my sleeves, I started the baking! And I followed dear Ann’s recipe in her blog, Anncoo Journal. Her shortcakes look so dainty and pretty and that inspired me a lot! Prior to that, I was already thinking in my head the design I want, and I went around hunting for a pineapple shape moulds. Only came across those plastic ones and those bug ones. Nearer to CNY, some shops began to sell the conventional type people use to bake pineapple tarts for the pineapple shape as well, but was sold out on the day I wanted to buy (though a few days later, Phoon Huat, Bake King, etc re-stocked the moulds). I saw this set of plastic mould and it took me soooooo long to decide to buy it. I have too many moulds and cutters at home and I wasn’t even sure then if I could really squeeze in the time to bake the CNY goodies. Another reason, the set of cutters isn’t that cheap. But well, oh well! I’m so glad that I did buy the cutter! It was a breeze to use and the designs came out nice and defined. Of course, I have the recipe to thank for as the dough was extremely easy to handle too (^-^) The size is just nice too!










So, with the paste ready and the cutter on hand, I should not procrastinate anymore. Here’s the recipe Taiwan Pineapple Shortcakes I have adapted from Ann’s blog but I am adding the steps I have included to do the colours and the weight proportion.



*Makes 78 shortcakes

250g Cold butter, cut to cubes (I used President)
1 tbsp Honey
30g Icing sugar, sieved
3 Egg yolks
380g Plain flour, sieved
60g Milk powder, sieved
468g Store bought pineapple filling (I used Sarawak Pineapple paste bought at Ailin)


Beat butter, honey and icing sugar together until fluffy and pale at medium speed. Switch to low speed, beat in egg yolk at one a time until just combine.
Add in sifted flour and milk powder . Beat until just combine (do not over mix) and knead to smooth dough. Take about 234g of dough and add in green colouring (I used Wilton gel colouring) and knead till colour is even. Divide the green-coloured dough into small balls of 3 g each. These will be for the leaves of the pineapples. Divide the remaining dough into small round balls of 7g each. Divide pineapple paste into 6g each . Insert each small green ball into the top part of the mould. Flatten the original dough and wrap with pineapple filling. Roll in your palms to smooth out the wrapping. Do not worry if the dough does not seem to cover the paste completely, unless you want perfect-looking shortcakes but I always think things look more natural with flaws or imperfections (^-^) Insert this into the bottom part of the mould. Press gently and remove the dough from the plunger cutter. Lay the shortcakes on a lined baking tray.
Bake in preheated oven of 160C for about 20 minutes or light golden brown. I did not do any egg wash cos I do not think there’s any for such Taiwanese pineapple shortcakes.
Leave to cool in baking tray for a few minutes before removing them to cool completely on cooling rack. Be careful! The shortcakes are soooooo amazingly crumbly when they are just baked. I nearly broke a piece but was so exhilarated at the crumbliness and fragrance of the tarts that I did not mind the little mishap (^-^) Glad too that the colours turned out nice.
Popped one into my mouth when I was doing the final packing of the 78 pieces and oh my! I was overjoyed! It was really yummy! So grateful to Ann for sharing the recipe! These nice tarts will be perfect for my gifting to my in laws and family. I really wanted to bake more and share with friends … but I don’t think I have the time (><) Maybe after CNY if everyone hasn’t gone sick of eating pineapple tarts during the CNY period (^-^) For friends who have wanted to order CNY goodies from me ( I am too tied up this year to take any orders. I am so sorry to turn down all the requests), I would highly recommend this! I hope I would be able to help out with the requests next year (#^^#)
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      Vic dear, thanks! Sorry, was really busy (><) but I did not want to miss out the deadline too. Hehehe... glad I could get the post up. Thanks so much for organizing the event. Thanks to Xuanhom's Mom too. (^^)

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