Potato Bread with Custard Topping

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I am a bread lover and I can have it as all my meals. When I was studying in Japan, I would pass by bakeries and like a young kid peeping in earnest into a toy shop, I would be waiting zealously for the 焼きたて time (^-^) When the loaves or buns were taken out from the ovens, the aroma was so uplifiting, almost surreal. It was then I started dreaming of opening my bakery café (#^^#) It is a dream that did not come true till now but I am already feeling blessed to have the chance to be a homebaker and be baking almost daily for my family.

Hubby prefers bread than cakes for breakfast, so I would always try to alternate my bakes between these two. As I go along in my bread baking journey, I realize that it is one with deep knowledge to acquire! There is so much to learn and explore! Asian bread, European bread, artisan bread, gluten-free bread, straight dough, starter method, yeast cultivating, kneading, braiding, etc … It is a fun-filled learning journey and experience at all time!

I will try to get more of my bread recipes uploaded here but for today, let me share the bread that I just baked yesterday, one of our favourite recipes, Potato Bread (^-^)

It is a straight dough method but with mashed potato as one of the ingredients. The potato actually acts as a natural agent and helps to produce the softness of the bread in this recipe. I love the texture of the bread and when I pull out the buns, seeing the pillowy texture (拉丝状)never failed to elate me.

This is my first try on the recipe sometime in January 2014, and since then I knew it is a keeper!

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This is my other attempt of the same recipe but I added some coconut fillings (from the leftovers from making yi buah kuehs) and toppings.

potato bun with coconut










Recipe Source: 巧厨娘妙手烘焙

*I have baked it in a 8-inch  square tin, making into 9 buns. I am sure the same recipe can be used to make into a loaf too (like what I did such as Purple Sweet Potato loaf, Carrot Loaf, Beetroot Loaf, etc)

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(For Custard Topping Deco)


1 egg yolk

65g fresh milk

10g caster sugar

15g bread flour


Place all the ingredients in a pot and using a hand whisk to whisk them till combined. Then use a low fire to stir continuously with the hand whisk to cook. Cook till the mixture became a paste. Leave to cool. Cover with a cling wrap and chill in the fridge for an hour.

(For Potato Bread)


50g cooked potato, mashed

250g bread flour

1 tsp yeast

50g caster sugar

50g egg

95g water

1 tbs milk powder

1/2 tsp salt

20g unsalted butter, room temperature


1. Knead the ingredients together, except butter, while slowly adding the water. Add in the softened butter and continue to knead till thin windowpane membrane. As the dough will be very sticky due to the potato, you might knead to flour your hands while kneading.

2. Place the kneaded dough in an oiled container, cover with plastic wrap and leave to proof till double in size in a warm environment (around 1 hour). Take out the dough and punch the air out.

3. Divide the dough into 9 smaller balls (mine was around 55g each). Cover with a wrap and leave to rest for around 10-15min. (I omitted this resting for my bake this time round, and the bread still turned out well with just directly going into second proofing)

4. Place the balls into the 8 inch square pan (you can always use a bundt or tube pan to make into other shapes too) and allow second proofing in a warm environment. I like to place my second proofing dough in the oven (not switched on), oven door closed, with a bowl of hot water in the oven. Wait till the dough became 2.5 times bigger. Around 45min.

5. Take out the dough from the oven and also the bowl of hot water (if you are doing the second proofing the same way as me). Preheat the oven at 200 deg cel.   Take out the custard and put it aside at room temperature for a while, around 10min. Place the custard in a piping bag for easier piping.

6. Pipe the custard onto the buns (original recipe was like hot cross buns design. This time round, I did something different. I piped the heart shapes. However, I forgot to “thaw” the custard a bit, so it was still quite hard to pipe. Therefore, I ended up with ugly heart shapes.)

7. Reduce the temperature of the pre-heated oven to 180 deg cel. Place the pan in and bake for 20-25min in middle rack.

I was so happy to hear from my girls who finished the buns brought to school as snacks that they are “Yummy! Extremely nice!” as I thought they might not like these plain-looking buns (^-^)

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