Princess Tiara and Wand Cake

Princess Cake 3

When dear old friend from St Nicks messaged me, she was asking if I could help bake some cakes for her. Yes, not just a cake but FOUR, and all for August (^o^) Wendy’s all 3 princesses are born in the same month. How coincident!

The first cake is for her youngest, Sara. She was turning three and like any 3-yr-old girl, she loves princess. I wonder if it is every little girl’s dream to have a princess birthday cake (^-^)

Made for her a chocolate sponge cake and piped the swiss meringue buttercream in white and blue details. So glad that Sara loved the cake and was even getting really protective over it. Really happy to receive the feedback from Wendy that Sara’s teachers and classmates liked the cake a lot.

Princess Cake 2

Feeling blessed to be involved in creating Sara’s princess dream. Wishing the little sweetie many happy returns and her everyday be filled with joy and love!

Princess Cake

“Everyone loved your cake! Most of the kids asked for repeat helpings even up to 3 helpings until the teacher had to stop further. Even the teachers praised that the density was good for them to cut and for the little ones to poke and eat! Thank you so much!”


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