Purple Sweet Potato Rose Buns

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Along with some pumpkin I bought the other day, I got myself some purple sweet potato as well. I love using these two in my cooking and baking and have since finished up the pumpkin, using it in my recent bakes, Crown-shaped Pumpkin Bread and Gula Melaka Pumpkin Chiffon. So, it’s time to start on the pretty purple sweet potatoes ^^

Similar to pumpkin, I have baked sweet potato chiffon and sweet potato loaf before and again, today I wanted to try out something different (^-^) Wanted to try out too, instead of using the recipe I have always used, the Purple Sweet Potato Bread Buns recipe which our Culinary Kitchenette member, Nina Resis, has shared in our CK blog long time ago. Nina bakes beautiful bread all the time, and her bakes always inspire me a lot.

So with the recipe, I decided to do the buns in rose shape ^^. Not the same with the ham & cheese buns I have done before but similar. Just that these sweet potato buns would have no “fillings” to wrap with. I reckon that purple roses would look pretty and I wanted to further beautify them by using the ruffled cupcake liners The Lovely Hut is selling which I have quite a bit at home (^^)

I made the buns into small sizes which I think would be the right size for the girls to bring to school as their noontime snack. For us? We do not have to stop at one, do we? I made 18 “rose buns” in the end v(^-^)v


Largely adapted from Purple Sweet Potato Bread Buns by Nina Resis

Ingredients :
Bread flour 250g
Purple mashed steamed sweet potato 150g
Sugar 10g
Honey 20g
Fresh milk 170g
Yeast 3g
Butter (unsalted) 30g
Salt 4g

Method :

1) Add in ingredients according to your Breadmachine or mixer’s procedure to knead the dough. I used my Kenwood BM450 bread maker for the kneading and I added in milk, mashed potato, honey, then, flour, sugar and  yeast in this sequence and started the bread maker kneading function. Then I added in the salt.

2) Knead for 8 mins, add in butter, continue to knead in machine till “window pane” stage, or when the kneading process finishes for your machine.

3) Let dough proof for 60 min or double in size.

Rose Bun6









4) Punch out the air in the dough. Weigh and divide dough to 45 small balls of 12g each (each “rose” requires 5 petals of the 12g dough) For the remaining dough, divide out into 9 smaller balls of around 4g each. Let rest for 15 min.

5) Start shaping. Roll out the 12g ball and flatten it into a round disc of approximately 6cm in diameter. Take the next ball and do the same. Overlap the second piece on the first flattened piece, leaving a 1.5cm gap on top. Continue with the same for the remaining 3 balls, so that you have 5 overlapping pieces.

Rose Bun7









6) Take a 4g ball and roll with your palms into a cylindrical shape with pointed ends. Place it near the edge of the piece of flattened disc nearest to you. Start rolling up the dough like a swiss roll. Using a knife/dough cutter, slice the rolled up dough in the middle, evenly into 2 pieces. Place the cut side down (as the base) and you get a rose!

Rose Bun8









7) This part is optional as you may simply chose to bake the buns without any liners. I did mine in the cupcake liners which I placed in tart/muffin trays to hold the shape. Continue with the rest of the dough. As you have 45 balls, you can roll up 9 times, meaning you will get 9 x 2 = 18 rose buns.

Rose Bun9









Rose Bun10









8) Let the shaped buns proof for another 45-60 min till double in size. Brush the buns lightly with milk.

9) Bake in preheated oven of 180 deg Cel for 12 min. The top of the buns should brown only lightly.

10) Remove from oven and let the buns cool completely on a cooling rack.

I can eat these little buns on their own but I guess my girls wouldn’t want to miss out on their favourite Nutella spread (Hahaha… should have done the “cinnamon roll” style then which is so much hassle free and easy!)

Rose Bun5

Rose Bun4

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