Rainbow Cake with Banana Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Kitkat & M&M


Here’s another big cake I have just done! It’s a 6-layer sponge cake (using a new recipe which I have been trying out daily for the past week. All just because I really wanted to get a fluffy, soft sponge cake which I think would pair up heavenly with nice Swiss Meringue Buttercream.) It was not an easy recipe but I shan’t give up! (^-^)

Had quite a lot of discussions with Jacqueline on her order for her son, Matthia’s birthday cake. However, enjoyed myself thoroughly all the conversations with her while we both tried to storm for ideas for the cake (^-^) The theme for the birthday is Candyland, hence Jac thought of a rainbow cake. I proposed to her the Kitkat and M&Ms designs and we worked from there to come to this final piece (^-^). As the party was for quite a number of guests and we both wanted to achieve a better effect for the rainbow cake, we knew that a single height of Kitkat bar would not suffice. Hence, we challenged the idea of having two tiers! Keeping our fingers crossed that the bars would hold the place, but a couple did slide down upon reaching the party venue (><) The weather was so hot today, and having to throng through the crowd and young kids bumping around from the carpark to the party venue at Grandstand Turf City was quite a feat. Managed to adjust back the Kitkat bars before I left the place (^-^)


It is a huge 10-inch cake and nearly 7-inch tall. 50 x 2 bars of Kitkats were used and a whooping total of 585 M&Ms! Little Matthias loves banana, and the cake is frosted with banana Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Made a simple bunting for him too, and a “name plate” with fondant.


Hope the cake and the Minion macarons will sweeten up Matthias’ celebration. A very blessed birthday to him (^-^)


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