RC Model Airplane Coffee Birthday Cake

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Been so terribly busy that I couldn’t find the time and energy to update this blog (><) Was like a walking zombie everyday and would even doze off during some pockets of time in between errands and schedule. I am so in need of a good massage and if that is a luxurious wish, then a good undisturbed sleep is all that I ask for. One of the reasons for my busy schedule last week was doing all the birthday cakes for my girl (I did the Frozen Elsa Doll Cake) and subsequent, this RC Model Airplane cake for hubby.

Hubby loves RC model planes. Nothing to do with his occupation though. It has been a hobby for him since young and now as a working adult with earning capability, he would indulge in this hobby by adding more and more to his collection. He even has a room dedicated to storing his planes and his “workshop”. A few months back, in his FB, he posted his latest acquisition. A vintage RC plane. He mentioned that it has been his dream plane some 30 years back but he hasn’t been able to get it only till now. It then struck me to bake him a 3D plane cake and I challenged myself to make a replicate of this particular model.

I used Krispies and melted marshmallow to do the body of the plane, cos I do not want a “pure and full” fondant plane which would add to the weight. I need something that can last as I would need to do up this cake in the sly (^-^) So, for a few days, I was working on the plane at the wee hours when hubby was sleeping or during those short intervals I was at home amidst my busy and packed schedule. I had to work fast on the plane and each time I had to carefully hide it from my hubby, taking into consideration the best condition to store a fondant figurine (><)

plane 5

As for the cake, I used the recipe from here. (I baked 2 cakes, each 11 inch by 13 inch. And I reduced the sugar amount to 300g) Hubby has mentioned to me before that he misses good old traditional buttercream cake. Hence, I thought for the main cake, I should not do fondant but a coffee-flavoured cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream. In the end, I did a double-layered chocolate coffee cake, with coffee SMB. To create the rustic, off-road look, I used Krispies for the sides and very simple line-pattern for the side frosting. On top of the cake, I used roasted peanuts (Love this!!!! It enhanced the flavor and making the cake even closer to the “traditional buttercream cake” hubby was reminiscing.) and crushed Oreo.  The cake was baked only the night before when I knew that hubby wouldn’t be opening the fridge anymore. And did the piping and decorating late at night.

plane 4

Hubby was still in the dark on his birthday when everyone else in the family already knew about the cake. My 3-yr-old boy even let out the cat from the bag when he told his daddy, “Papa! You have an aeroplane!” Hubby was clueless what Jae was saying and so, the secret mission continued. However I was actually panicking. I wasn’t sure how much longer the plane could hold (cos the whole plane was resting on the 3 thin wires for the wheels) but we need to wait for late afternoon when all the 3 kids were back from school.

plane 3

When the cake was finally revealed, hubby was so visibly shocked (^-^) I was relieved that he could recognize what plane I was making at first glance. Phew! The cake was done in such hush hush and rush rush that I could not pay much attention to details and intricacy.

plane 6

Everyone enjoyed the cake and I was glad that though I could not buy hubby any plane models, I could give him this “substitution” instead (#^^#) The cake recipe is a keeper. The cake remained soft and moist after a few days and yet it was sturdy enough to hold the plane on that day.

Lastly, I must thank everyone for the kind words on my FB for this cake. All your compliments are a source of encouragement for me.

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