Rilakkuma Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache


These macarons are ordered by my youngest customer! I have done cakes and such for young children and babies but are actually ordered by their parents. However these macarons are indeed ordered and purchased by an 8-year-old ^^ A really adorable girl who is actually my younger girl’s classmate. Seeing Jaz always bringing my bakes to school for the noon-time snacks and overheard some of the classmates talking about me, Amanda approached Jaz and asked about me! When Jaz told me, I was quite amused and knew how serious Amanda was when I saw a note she has left in Jaz’s diary, asking for my namecard and samples for her to try. I really thought it was just some kiddish talks but the other day, I received a message on my messenger from Amanda’s mum. Amanda was really adamant about ordering something and when asked what she would like, she replied “Rilakkuma macarons” (^-^)

It was quite a “last-minute” order but I did not want to disappoint the little girl. Glad that I managed to work around my schedule and did for her these 20 pieces of Rilakkuma Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache filling.  It was not my first time doing Rilakkuma macs but this time round, I wanted the do the actual shape of Rilakkuma’s face and not the round shaped as I did previously.


Pauline and Amanda came to pick up the macarons and it was with great joy to hand over the macs to them. Hope the little lady will like them (^-^)


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