Strawberry and Cookies & Cream Macarons

Birthday Mac1

When YF messaged me on Thursday night, asking if I could help him bake some macarons for his girl’s birthday on Saturday, I was a bit taken by surprise. Cos the request came kind of rushed and also I had things planned for Friday. However, I would really want to help him. He and his wifey, Viv, are my “parents-in-crime” for PSG at our girls’ school. I would work something out so that I could help. YF wanted just simple round macarons, so that should be easy and I could do them in a jiffy ^^

Birthday Mac2

The birthday girl chose pink and cream colour to match the Forever Friend Bear. Those are lovely colours (^^) And we decided on strawberry buttercream and cookies and cream fillings for the 50 pieces of macarons.

Birthday Mac3

Baked the macarons in the morning on Friday and that day happened to be World Macaron Day! Feeling even more awesome and blessed to be given the opportunity to do these macs.

Birthday Mac4

Happy birthday, dearest Jaime. Hope it was a sweet birthday for a sweet girl like you!

Birthday Mac6


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