Superman & Batman 2-tier Birthday Cake


This cake was done last October and I have been wanting to blog about it (^-^) Recently, I have been getting a lot of enquiries and orders for cakes and I am reminded of this big project that I did for Denise’s pair of adorable twins for their 4th birthday. When Denise first approached me to do the cake for her twins, I was taken by surprise. I wasn’t sure if I could do a good job as it would be my first time doing a double tier cake. However, deep inside, I honestly wanted to give my blessing to the lovable boys whom I have seen them from birth till now (in fact even when Denise was heavily preggie with them!). Hence I took up the challenge but not before pre-warning Denise that our friendship should not be affected if I can’t deliver the job well (#^^#)

Denise sent me a picture of the cake she has in mind. A 2-tier cake with one as batman and one superman. Dylan likes Batman and Matthew likes Superman. The design looked doable, and so I started conceptualizing the whole design and the baking schedule. Also I researched and tried out a few recipes. After that I placed a bulk order with United Baking Supplies for the fondant and chocolate. Their fondant was by far the nicest in taste. I equally love the fondant from The White Ombre too though. Both fondant is pliable and easy to work with. And since it’s for my bestie’s sons, I wanted to use better quality chocolate and hence the premium Belgium chocolate.

After deciding on the size (gonna be a huge cake!),  getting the stock lists ready, baking schedule all planned and the recipes to be used decided, I actually went a step further and did up some figurines for the cake (^-^) I thought with some figurine toppers, the cake would look cuter, especially for a children’s party. Was glad that everyone liked the little Batman and little Superman I did.

The bottom cake was a Blackout cake and tasted really chocolatey. The upper cake was a yellow cake using Diana’s (The Domestic Goddess Wannabe) recipe. Lovely buttery cake with nice vanilla fragrance! For fondant cake, the cake itself has to be strong enough to hold the weight of the fondant, yet I do not want a hard, dense cake too. Both cakes were frosted with chocolate ganache. I was so happy that the straw dowels could hold the cakes too. Having a collapsed cake when delivering is a fear in bakers. And for fondant, we do not wish to see the fondant sweating and discoloured too. Took a deep breath before I carried the ready cake to deliver to the party venue (#^^#)


I was already so honoured when Denise was sending me all her compliments for the cake when I sent her pictures along the way when doing up the cake, but the greatest joy I got was when I saw the delight and sparkle in the twins’ eyes when they saw the cake (^-^) Superman1

Hope you have liked the cake, Dylan and Matthew and that it would be a part of your childhood memory when you grow up. Thanks Denise for granting me the chance to do this cake and for the appreciation token. We are still friends, aren’t we? (^-^)




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