Lychee Martini Cake

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I’m sure many of us have heard, tried and raved about the famous Pine Garden’s Lychee Martini cake. I got to know about this wonderful creation many, many years back, when I was still in my late teens. Err…. I think I have passed the alcohol-permissible age of 18 by then. (^o^) The shop is at a familiar location for me as myself and my grandma and eldest aunt all stayed a stone’s throw away from the bakery. However, I always did not have much chance to get myself this cake but always the usual kiddie-friendly fares. It was only a few years back, I went to buy it for sis’ birthday.

Ever since I got more into baking in these past 2 years, wanting to bake this cake topped my list. Sadly, there weren’t many recipes around and for some which I could google, the recipes either looked dubious or unappealing (><) It was only until recently when a member in a baking and cooking FB group that I manage with a few good pals shared her recipe, I was squealing in joy! That’s it! I must try to bake this! Love ya, Roxana! You guys should hop on to her blog. It is awesome!

Now, the question is the occasion to bake this (#-#) Hmmm …… I wanted it to make its debut on a special occasion. Then the opportunity came in a surprise manner. A very good pal of mine since uni, whom with a bunch of us, have gone through so much together all these years, sharing one another’s joy and laughters, woes and tears (not in the least bit exaggerating here), was going to throw a party. She had not intended to have the party for her coming birthday, but just a gathering for her closed friends and in her words, to thank us for the friendship and support (#^^#)  Immediately I wanted to bake her a cake, as a surprise (but I was 100% sure then that other friends of hers would have prepared “surprise” birthday cakes for her too! Hehehe). My other friends all supported my idea and next, I instantly decided on this cake! Yeah! My this bunch of buddies are all …. *hick*  This liquor-infused cake suit their tastebuds well, I thought (^-^)

We are no longer in our teeny years, so the design can’t be so kiddish. Maybe something simple with a touch of elegance? As fresh cream is used, I could not try out some new piping designs, such as ruffle skirting. Save that challenge for my next cake then! So, here’s my cake!




Wouldn’t you want to try baking this cake too??? Please go ahead! You would fall in love with it too. My friends commented that the cake is even nicer than the store-bought (#^^#)

For the recipe, do hop over to Roxana’s blog, she has done such a detailed write-up that you wouldn’t fail in baking this cake (^-^) Here’s da link Lychee Martini Cake. Once again, Rox, thanks for the recipe.

 And for my that bunch of pals, love you all, always!

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