Thomas Train Birthday Cake

Thomas Train 2

I love baking cakes for joyous occasions, especially if it is for someone dear to the person who requested for the cake. I feel happy for the person and would put in all my heart in doing the cake, from the conceptualizing, to getting fresh and premium ingredients, to relentlessly trying new recipes to find the best one, to adding little details to the cake, to touch up here and there …… (^^) Hubby often comments that I am making a “loss” by doing so much and going the extra mile. Hehe … but it will be a joy to know that the receiver received the cake in delight!

Over the past few weeks, due to my commitment to school PSG activities, I was not able to help out with some requests for cakes, etc. However, I kept to my promise to Daniel, an ex-colleague, to help him with a cake for his son’s birthday. It always warms my heart knowing the cake is for someone’s birthday, especially so, when it is for a friend’s child. Daniel mentioned that his son likes Thomas Train. However he just need a small, single-tier cake and he does not need a massive 3D fondant train. I would like to work with his wishes, cutting down on fondant but I figured that the child would be delighted to see a Thomas train in the cake. Hence in the end, we settled for a “2D’ cake. It was supposed to be a simple fondant covered vanilla cake with a Thomas Train face but I just could not stop myself to add more details to the cake.

For the inside of the cake, I used Nigella’s buttermilk birthday cake recipe. It is an awesome recipe! Moist yet able to hold fondant. I did dual ombre colours for the 4 layers and the cake was frosted with vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Thomas Train 1

The figurines and wording were done in advance to allow sufficient time for the drying. The cake was baked and frosted the day before to ensure maximum freshness. Early at 5am that Saturday morning, I woke up and started working on the cake so that it could be ready for collection a couple of hours later. I had another BIG cake project to deliver on the same day!

Thomas Train 3

I was so glad to hear from Daniel that Gabriel liked the cake. Dear Gabriel, thanks for the affirmation. It meant a lot to Aunty that my cakes could bring smiles to others (^-^)

Thomas Train 4

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