TOBOT Birthday Cake & Cookies

Tobot Cake and Key

I am familiar with Transformers and RoboCar Poli but when Vinah, my ex-colleague, asked if I could do a Tobot cake for ger son, I was stunned.”Tobot? Must be a latest toy craze.” I googled to find out what/who Tobot was ^^ Gosh! This Korean robot thingy is “similar” to Transformer but  so much more ex! I could see it coming that very soon, my own boy would be like my friend’s, would start asking for Tobot (><) True enough, Jae was telling me a week or so later that “Mummy! I like Tobot! I like especially Tobot R!” It’s coming!!!

Back to the cake Vinah requested, she asked for a simple buttercream cake with Tobot icing sheet. We settled for vanilla sponge and cotton candy flavoured swiss meringue buttercream. Decided on the image for the icing sheet and sent for printing. The resolution of the image was not clear and hence it turned out a bit grainy … hope the kids did not mind. As favours to give out to Ryan’s friends at the childcare centre, Vinah requested for cookies in the shape of  Tobot X (yes, Ryan’s fav is Tobot X) smart key. I do not know whether it was a good choice that I chose a shortbread kind of recipe for the cookies. It tasted great but could be crumbly to handle, especially for 3-4 year-olds.

Tobot Key

Hope Ryan and his friends liked the cake and the cookies and it had been a great birthday for Ryan! Thanks Vinah for giving me the chance to make the cake and cookies and for “pre-warning” me on the trend and craze among the young boys (^^)

Tobot Cake


    • bakinglanguage says:

      Hi Ruby, sure. I will send to your email but the images might have the names in them. You might want to edit them on your own. Or to google for more pictures. Once I found an image I like and did some simple editing, I send to Edible Icing Prints for them to print into the edible image for me. You might want to note that sometimes, the resolution turned out not sharp.

    • bakinglanguage says:

      Hi Winnie, the image is usually provided by the requester and I sent it to the company to print it into the edible icing image =)

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