Transformer Optimus Prime Rainbow Cake and Macarons


Recently we have all been reconnected with our secondary classmates. It was one of the most wonderful things that happened for me this year.  Xiaorong, is the other “Tay” in my class, a very sweet girl. Do not be taken in by her gentle demeanor and petite size though, she is one strong  wonder woman ^^ It has been so long since we last seen each other. Before our class reunion in October (initiated by Xiaorong), she contacted me to request for a cake and some macarons for her son’s, Isaac, birthday.

Isaac, like most little boys, loves Transfomers. Optimus Prime is his favourite. Did these macarons for his party and actually it was not as easy as I thought to handle the macaron batter. As I tried to minimize the use of artificial colouring, I depended largely on beetroot to get the red. That might somehow affected the texture of the macaronage. Drawing the mask features took out a bit of time as well.  Besides these Transformer macarons, there were also some Hello Kitty macarons for the little girls attending the birthday party.


Next was the cake! For those who have baked rainbow cakes before, might probably know that it is not easy to get a soft cake. Most recipes would be quite dense and for white cake recipes, there is an aftertaste which might not appeal to some people. Adding colouring too, affects the cake texture. It is not easy to achieve a vibrant- coloured rainbow cake and one that is soft and light. XR requested for healthier version, which I personally agree that we should go for that, hence I opted for a natural-colour rainbow cake recipe from here,  Honest Cooking

Here are the natural ingredients I have used for the colour. Only minimum gel colouring is added to slightly intensify the shades.

Transformer Ingred

The piping was a “big” project. The cake was huge, hence more cream was needed, which also meant that more efforts was needed to get the red and black colour. For the red, again, I used beetroot and some colouring. For the black, I used charcoal powder. Most likely the amount of charcoal powder used affected the cream texture and the cream looked grainy. I was disappointed with it but my hubby commented that it was a good touch to the Transformer theme with this look. Hmm…

Transformer 1

The piping took much longer than expected and I was glad to make it on time. While delivering the cake and macarons to the party venue, I was full of excitement (^-^) Yay! Going to meet XR!!! Though I was sure then that she would look exactly the same as 24 years back.

Thanks XR for the opportunity to bake for Isaac. Am now looking forward to my next bake for his graduation this week (^-^)

Transformer 2

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